I have worked in the art world for over 30 years.

I originally trained as a technical illustrator, focussing on natural history and medical illustration. After graduating, I was employed at Manchester Museum as Illustrator for their new bird gallery, before working in publishing for several years, illustrating many books and working with a diverse variety of publishers, including, The Oxford University Press, Penguin, Usbourne Publishing, Dorling Kindersley.

I then worked for ‘The Women’s Press’ for three years as the art director’s assistant, where I further developed my graphic design skills including typography and typesetting. My own illustrations were used on several of the covers.

I work in the world of printmaking as a hand colourist; working on prints by a number of contemporary artists including Damien Hirst and old masters such as J.M.W Turner and Thomas Girtin. I worked on the prestigious Audubon ‘Birds of America’ prints. I also worked as designer and curator for a company called ‘Workplace Art’, who provided art to corporate companies, civic and domestic clients.

In 2005, I completed an MA in Illustration at Central St Martins, while continuing working on both my illustration and painting. I have always found that the two disciplines feed and complement each other.  My training in illustration has taught me to observe detail, to recognise the aesthetics of space and how this translates to the paper or canvas. My painting style, while both detailed and realistic, always endeavours to add an element of disquiet, a ‘talking point’, to elevate the piece from flat, photographic reproduction to an engaging, human portrait.

I have exhibited my work in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition.

The knowledge, understanding and skills I have developed, in a wide variety of disciplines, over many years, inform and influence my work now. Allowing me to call on that variety and diversity of techniques and media with a high level of professionalism.

In recent years I have been concentrating on portraits, undertaking many commissions.